The Little Bunting

The Little Bunting aspires to be a Children’s Boutique that encourages ‘ Make in India’ products within the persona of a premium boutique. Through an approach that encourages indigenous products, ethical practices, and eco- friendly initiatives, The Little Bunting gives a platform to showcase India’s rich heritage of textiles, craftsmanship, and artisans.

About Our Founder

Trishikha Kumari Wadiyar is a keen advocate of supporting eco- friendly, sustainable, and home-grown businesses. She has founded the Little Bunting from her own experience of being a new parent after noticing that there is no collective platform that encourages indigenous efforts in the Children’s Products Market. She hopes that the Little Bunting will help parents such as herself in providing a sustainable, ethically sourced, and indigenously produced goods to ensure a better environment for the growth of our Children.

“The market for Children’s goods consists mostly of mass produced products with little care for sustainable practices. With mounting concern that we are destroying our planet for future generations it is imperative that the next generation grow up with products that are locally made, organic, and eco friendly. At The Little Bunting we inspire purchases to be more greener, with handpicked brands that match ethical guidelines, providing the highest quality products under a single forum.”