Anmol baby Hybrid Wrap - Double Ikat Square Red & White
Anmol baby Hybrid Wrap - Double Ikat Square Red & White
Anmol baby Hybrid Wrap - Double Ikat Square Red & White
Anmol baby Hybrid Wrap - Double Ikat Square Red & White
Anmol baby Hybrid Wrap - Double Ikat Square Red & White
Anmol baby Hybrid Wrap - Double Ikat Square Red & White
Anmol baby Hybrid Wrap - Double Ikat Square Red & White
Anmol baby Hybrid Wrap - Double Ikat Square Red & White

Anmol baby Hybrid Wrap - Double Ikat Square Red & White


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Our newborn-ready & versatile Flexy offers all of the carry positions you'll ever need for your little one. From day one to 48 months, the Flexy grows with your baby and can support your toddler as easily as your newborn. Give yourself and your baby the 100% ergonomic advantage that no other baby carrier can.


4 different carries in the ergonomic M position to carry your baby front facing-in position, front facing-out, hip and back carry. When your baby is born, it needs to be close to you on your chest to adapt to life outside the womb, to feel your heartbeat, to feel comforted and connected. When they can see your face, hear your voice, creating neural pathways and brain stimulation. The best way to hold your baby is in a front facing-in carry. We heard you when you said that a baby would need to explore the world when your baby is able to sit independently - for visual stimulation. With an easy adjustment in the FLEXY you can wear your baby in a front facing-out carry and switch to front facing-in without removing the baby carrier. A hip-carry allows you to keep the baby on your hip for helping the baby explore the world outside yet keeping you as their centre. Back carries work for toddlers when they can peek over your shoulders and work well when you want to get free access to getting work done (like meal prep) and 2 free hands and space in the front to do your tasks while the baby can sleep peacefully on your back in a safe place, close to you.


SUPERIOR COMFORT FOR BABY: Fully adjustable high quality handwoven fabric body panel to adjust height, mid panel width and seat width - Body panel can be customized for a perfect microfit for your growing baby right from your 0 day old new-born - to 4 year old toddler. Body Panel is contoured for a better fit for the baby.
DESIGNED FOR DIFFERENT CARRIES AND DIFFERENT SIZES: Smoothly transition from your day-old baby to your active toddler within seconds by adjusting the body panel height, seat and side cinching strings.

ADJUSTABLE MID BODY PANEL: New-born baby's spine & neck are fully supported right from birth with integrated neck support, Mid Panel Cinching strings only on the sides to give a snug fit to your new-born baby. Designed to protect and support the spine and airways & respect your babyÕs Torso. Easy to adjust base seat width with one smooth slide and lock in place for getting the perfect knee to knee support as they grow, essential to promote healthy hip and spine development for your baby. This carrier moulds around your baby, rather than your baby struggling to fit in the carrier.

REMOVABLE HOOD FOR BREASTFEEDING DISCREETLY: When out or for sleep or as sun & wind protection

QUALITY OF PADDING: Shoulder straps are contoured for a better fit. Better user experience for wearing attempt to be safer - creates confidence in the user. The carrier shoulder strap doesnÕt slip off your shoulders.
The high-quality waist padding is wide, well cushioned for better weight distribution, the cushioned shoulder straps work well for a tiny baby and progressively for carrying a toddler easily.
Thickly padded waistband for better weight distribution and hence can use the carrier for a longer duration and for a longer period over time for bigger toddlers

HIGH QUALITY BUCKLES AND PLACEMENT: Each and every buckle is from duraflex, high quality, smoother to use, no sharp edges. 3 point safety buckle on waistbelt to prevent accidental opening. These buckles are very high strength- tested.

LUXURIOUS CUSTOM-MADE FABRICS: with high quality baby safe dyed yarns and pre-washed to make them soft and supple. 100% cotton natural fibre fabrics comfortable in all seasons. The Yarns are dyed using tested dyes for safe use for babies to avoid allergies.

MULTIPLE CAREGIVERS CAN USE THE SAME CARRIER: The Anmol Flexy carrier was tested by many parents of all sizes and designed to adjust easily to fit from petite to larger body types.

SIDE POCKET: On the waistband for change and keys and for access in all the carries.

Webbing is high quality too.
Elastic Loop at the end of all webbing straps : Design details like the elastic loops at the end of webbing ensures excess strap is secured and doesnt get stuck in lifts or jammed in doorways etc. for safety. High Quality webbing, that has elastic loops at the ends to ensure excess is neatly rolled and held by the elastic to prevent accidents like getting jammed between doors while moving.
Safety Elastic Loop on waistband: Safety loop on the waistband to ensure the buckle remains secure and safe.

Material Cotton
Product Dimensions and Weight
500 48 500 0.7
Product Dimensions and Weight After Packing
30 20 5 0.7
Cleaning Instructions Spot cleaning when needed.
Cover buckles in socks & carrier in a pillowcase to avoid damage.
Use mild detergent. Do not bleach.
Dry in shade with no direct exposure to sunlight.

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