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Lil Chef's Apron set- Jungle World


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Product Description: Is your child eagerly waiting for a chance to cook with you? Introduce them to the world of food with this lovely apron and cooking toys set. The apron can be worn when they play chef’s helper in your kitchen or work in a make-believe kitchen of their own!

What will I get?
- A cotton apron with a cute animal print that will fit a preschooler perfectly
- A child-sized mitten
- A child-sized wooden rolling pin
- A smooth wooden ladle and spoon

How to use?

You could introduce the set to your child by telling them about how the rolling pin and ladle are used and why we wear aprons while cooking. Give them play dough or a small piece of the dough you are cooking with.

Let them roll, flip, and make their own dish beside you. This set is perfect for pretend play alone or with friends, or even for your child to wear the apron and and help you around the kitchen as you cook!


What is it made of?
This toy is made with organic cotton and safe natural wood. It is printed with non-toxic, lead-free, and eco-friendly paints. Tested and certified by ASTM international standards.

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