Peppa Pig Tent
Peppa Pig Tent
Peppa Pig Tent
Peppa Pig Tent
Peppa Pig Tent
Peppa Pig Tent
Peppa Pig Tent
Peppa Pig Tent

Peppa Pig Tent


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A lovely Peppa printed tent that’s perfect for indoor roleplay or a fun outdoor day. The tent is easy to assemble, and is sure to set the stage for many playtime adventures for your little one!

What will I get?
A Peppa printed cotton tent with a window that has room for about 3 toddlers to play in.3 wooden poles and 4 flat rods that can easily be assembled to hold the tent up.

How to play?
There are endless ways that your little one can play with a tent! It’s perfect for creative roleplay, where your child can build fortresses, hide in caves, or play House. Get them started with a story and watch as they come up with different scenarios, bring their toys inside, and build incredible worlds each day!

A tent can also enhance your child’s experience of picnics and outdoor days by giving them their own space to have fun with their friends, where you can still keep an eye on them for safety. Add a rug and some throw pillows and it also turns into a cozy reading nook.

What will my child learn?

Toys for self-expression skill development. Your child will learn to articulate themselves better as they create stories, engage with their friends, and play out make-believe scenarios that happen in their tent.

Toys for curiosity skill development. A space of their own is sure to encourage your little one to get curious about what’s possible and explore different concepts that come up while playing.

Toys for creative skill development. Freeplay in a tent will give your child inspiration to constantly think of new games to play and ways to use the tent.

Dimensions: 114 cm x 109 cm x 96(Ht) cm

Shumee made in India eco friendly free play toys


What is it made up of?
This tent is made with strong durable organic cotton and printed using non-toxic dyes. The sturdy poles are made of natural wood. The product is ASTM certified and 100% child-safe.

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