Solid Reusable Diapers for Baby Girl

Solid Reusable Diapers for Baby Girl


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Wash the Diaper & Soaker pad once before use.
It is best to wash cloth diapers separately.
Make sure to remove the soaker from the diaper.
Get rid of the solid waste in the toilet under forced water. Rinse off with detergent powder. Throw away the dirty water. Leave the diaper wet enough that it almost drips. Hang the rinsed soaker pad & diaper for a while. Keeping the diaper sopping wet until it is washed will help reduce stains and help poop wash out more easily.

In Case of Hand wash
Soak the diapers in cold water for not more than 30 min. Add detergent powder.
Rub & wash well with hands & rinse & remove the soap till no soap bubbles are seen.
Hand dry, do not wring.
Hang diapers & soakers to dry in the sun. Sun is a great disinfectant.

In Case of Machine Wash
Put diaper in machine, add sufficient detergent
Wash the diapers in a regular daily washing machine in a wash cycle- 30-minute cycle.
Spin dry in machine, do not wring.
Hang diapers & soakers to dry in the sun. Sun is a great disinfectant.

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